Why Can’t I Stop Buying Makeup?

I am seriously, hopelessly and not a little frighteningly addicted to buying cosmetics. While I don’t think that a preoccupation with makeup has to be tied to a specific education level or feeling of physical inadequacy, somehow I always feel the need to qualify my addiction with something along the lines of, “But I… »6/21/13 6:42pm6/21/13 6:42pm

Upstairs Neighbors Won't Stop Having Loud Sex at 2am -- Advice?

So we moved into our new place in about March. It was built in the 50s with hardwood floors. We know that sound travels and our landlady warned us ahead of time to tread softly and just try to keep the headboard a little ways from the wall so that everybody in the building stays happy. The problem is that the… »6/08/13 1:10pm6/08/13 1:10pm